Are you looking for an expert focused on addressing fatigue and stress in physicians, promoting joy and well-being in health care providers, and spirituality in medicine? Below are resources for featuring Mukta Panda, MD, and her latest book, Resilient Threads, from Creative Courage Press. Scroll down for links to news articles.

Press Release

Physician burnout is eating away at the fabric of our healthcare system. But it’s not a symptom of the medical profession alone. In a culture that privileges evidence over empathy, technology over touch, and what’s measurable over what’s meaningful, many of us feel more fragmented and less human than ever. Download full press kit.

Author Q&A

“I have globe-trotted for the past 35 years. I have been influenced by my experiences with people, cultures, food, clothing, even with my work in healthcare as a clinician and educator.”

Book Excerpt

I precept on the inpatient wards for a short time every month. The team represents all levels of learners—residents, medical students, pharmacist, and physician-assistant (PA) students. To be able to work as a whole team requires keeping a pulse on the temperature of the team. I say we have to be thermostats, not thermometers.

In the News

May 6, 2021, UTHSC-COM Physician Wins International Book Award (Press Release PDF). Also see blog post from Creative Courage Press, Our First Book Wins a Nautilus Award.

November, 19, 2020, Mukta Panda Named Woman Physician of the Year by Tennessee Chapter of the American College of Physicians, UTHSC News, by Amber Carter.

August 20, 2020, UTHSC’s Mukta Panda Uses Life Lessons to Encourage Humanism in Health Care by Peggy Reisser.

Saturday, May 23, Awakin Calls podcast. Resilience of Health Care Professionals: Recharging through Relationships, Reflection and Ritual.

May 10, 2020. Caring for health care workers: COVID-19 highlights need for mental health, self-care, by Wyatt Massey, Chattanooga Free Times Press. 

March 27, 2020. Sharing the Story of “Resilient Threads” on WUTC radio, “Scenic Roots” with host Ray Bassett.

February 22, 2020, ‘Resilient Threads:’ Chattanooga doctor’s new book aims to support, empower health care professionals by Elizabeth Fite, Chattanooga Free Times Press.

February 01, 2020, Oath to Self-Care and Well-Being, American Journal of Medicine, AAIM Perspectives, Volume 133, ISSUE 2, P249-252.e1, or click to download PDF.

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